Snap in Features

The SidioCrate

Straight wall w/ structural ribs create a high weight capacity when stacking and maximize storage space on the inside. Nesting and collapsible boxes sacrifice this strength and storage efficiency when in use.

The Lid

The snap in lid helps secure your gear. The lid design allows for strong stable stacking. (Crates stack with or without lids.) Ruler is included for quick measurements and the lid sits flush with the outside of the crate allowing crates to sit against each other neatly without wasted space in between.

The Divider & Bottom Mat

Dividers are great for protecting and securing your gear from sliding around. Tame wire, cord and rope on one side with different gear on the other. Seperate colors, parts and tools for hobbie or professional projects.


Kids toys, arts, crafts, shoes and clothes.

On The Job Site

Secure & Organized


Sports, Photography, Painting, Sketching etc...