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We've found most questions can be answered or solved without contacting our team.

Where's my order confirmation?

Did you place the order with a different email than your primary? Did you check your spam folder? Maybe you fat fingered it and misspelled it. If you still can't find it, please email us at sales@sidiocrate.com with (Order #, No Confirmation Email) please allow our team 1-2 business days to respond.

Wrong item delivered or missing item(s):

If we sent you the wrong order or forgot to put items in your order, please email

sales@sidiocrate.com with pictures of the packing slip and item. We will send the correct order out to you after confirming.

Did you enter the wrong shipping address at checkout?

If you fat fingered your shipping address or simply made a mistake. Email us with subject line (Order number, shipping address) and include the correct address in the body of your email. Please email


If you read through our FAQ'S and still need help or have a question please send an email to:


(please include a subject line)


LA Warehouse (Shipping)!
5725 District Blvd 
Vernon, CA 90058