The Only Storage Crate You’ll Ever Need

The Sidio Crate is a modular storage unit that adapts to whatever you throw in it. Divide, stack heavy, and stay organized with Sidio.

  • Made in the USA Made in the USA
  • Ships in 1-3 Business Days Ships in 1-3 Business Days
  • Built to Last Built to Last

Divide, Pack, Stack, and Get Organized

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Full Size SidioCrate 2.0 Builder


Tired of not being organized? This is your solution. Sidio Crate has everything you need to keep organized. Dividers create separate sections in each crate, and the snap on lid makes sure everything stays secure. They stack perfectly top of each other. And come in a wide variety of colors.


Built To Last

  • 43 Divider Slots
  • Stackable with and without lid
  • Stacks w/ Standard Milk Crates
  • Structural Exterior Ribs Crate a High Stacking Weight Capacity
  • Durable PP Block Copolymer Resists Cracks, Dents & Extreme Temperatures

Exterior: 18.5”x 12.5”x 11” w/out - Lid 11.5 w/ Lid

Interior: 17.94" x 11.05" x 10.25"

Made in USA

How People Are Using Sidio Crates

“I’m so happy I decided to purchase these crates. I ended up placing a second order after I received my first. I’m now using them for everything and couldn’t be happier with how sturdy and cleverly they are made… Love!”

Sarah W.

“I’m a recording engineer and work both in studio and remote locations. These crates have revolutionized the way I go about packing for sessions. I thought they were cool when I saw the ad on Instagram a year ago, and now I’m upset I waited so long to purchase it. I’ll most definitely be purchasing more.”

Nolan M.

“Love these crates for storing my audio and video gear in a more organized way. It's my go-to for taking things to a gig or keeping my studio clean. The dividers really help keep my cables and supplies separated into groups, too.”

Tod D.