New Polycarbonate Lid

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Sebastien Biollaz
Half crate

Super happy from the crate it self, dividers are great and the lid is kinda thick but still fits in my grip cart. had a bad start with Sidio but thankful crate is doing the job.

Joe Crowley
Amazing Products & Service

Product is great and service too. I love the clear latching lids. I also made a special request to delay shipping for when I would arrive back at my home for a business trip and SidioCrate was able to do that. Their customer service rep was responsive, helpful and cool. Takes a good company to get both parts right: product and customer service.

John Kalotai
About freaking time.

These new lids are the cat's backside! They are clear, the lock into place and the do not get stuck on the bottom of another crate when you stack them. On the down side, I now have to buy 25 new lids to replace my black and translucent floppy lids. Wish they gave their early adopter customers a break.

Far superior to the standard lid

It locks, it's transparent, and still allows you to stack crates; what more could you ask for?!

If you're tired of the old lid constantly deforming, tabs breaking, getting stuck to the bottom of stacked crates, or just not fitting correctly to a warped crate (hot car with no divider), do yourself a favor and invest in the latch lids!

Joseph Rojas

New Latch Lid